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The Tax Institute was quoted on 2 September in SmartCompany: ‘Labor pledges to raise asset write-off threshold to $10,000 for small business in last-effort campaign launch’ in response to the Government’s announcement of a Small Business Investment Boost.

On 3 September The Tax Institute’s National Superannuation Conference was mentioned in SMSF Adviser: ‘ASIC outlines ongoing SMSF enforcement work’ in relation to a speech given by Commissioner Greg Tanzer. 

The Tax Institute was quoted on 3 September in BRW: ‘Bringing certainty back: how the next government can boost confidence in its first 100 days’ in relation to announced but un-enacted tax measures. 

On 4 September The Tax Institute was quoted in the Australian Financial Review: ‘Execs say closing tax loopholes chokes Aussie growth’ with respect to the government’s anti-debt loading measures. 

On 5 September The Tax Institute’s comments on the Coalition’s costing were included on the Australian Financial Review’s live blog.

On 6 September The Tax Institute was quoted in The Australian: ‘Aid cuts, 'stop the boats' dividend underpin Joe Hockey's $42bn savings’ in relation to the Coalition’s budget plans.