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09 Nov 2018 The Tax Institute in the Media

On 2 November, we were quoted by ABC News – online in relation to the tax laws on residency. Here is a link to the article, Tax legal loophole for 'residents of nowhere' could soon be closed. Bob also appeared on ABC News - The Business in relation to negative gearing and the CGT concessions. He appears at 3:45mins into the program via this link. 

On 5 November, we were quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald in print and online following our recent submission to Treasury. Here is a link to the article, Pension proposal a win for retirees which has also been published in The Age, Canberra Times, WA Today, and Brisbane Times.  

On 8 November, we were quoted by Accountants Daily in relation to Labor's proposed changes to negative gearing. Here is a link to the article, Labor negative gearing to cover all investments: Tax Institute.