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Ross Greenwood on the MoneyNews radio program interviewed Robert Jeremenko on Friday 30 September with regards to the Tax Forum and The Tax Institute’s priorities.  You can listen here.

The Tax Institute was quoted in the Australian Financial Review on Monday 3 October 2011: “Bigger role urged for Treasury’s adviser” in relation to our call for an independent tax reform body to assess reform options. The article speaks about the Board of Tax and Chris Jordan and the possibility of the Board playing a role in further tax reform. We are quoted as saying that the Board is doing such a good job, we wouldn't want them to take their eye off the ball in progressing tax reform blueprints.  Perhaps a separately funded, special working group of the Board would be able to play a role.  This was followed up by another article in the Australian Financial Review of Tuesday 4 October 2011: “Independent assessment finds allies”.

The Punch published The Tax Institute’s opinion piece in relation to the tax forum: “Don’t adjust your glasses: it’s a tax forum” on Tuesday 4 October 2011. To view the article, please click here.  The article was also published on PerthNow’s website.

Also on Tuesday 4 October 2011, The Tax Institute was quoted in the AAP newswires, The West Australian and Sky News Australia in relation to the discussion on state taxes at the tax forum: “Feds and state clash at tax forum”. In the article the Tax Institute echoed the calls of the majority of participants at the tax forum that state taxes were inefficient, particularly real estate stamp duties and had to be abolished. To view the article, click here.

On the same issue, The Tax Institute was quoted on Wednesday 5 October 2011 in The Australian: “GST the hottest topic at the forum but Swan stays cold”. In the article, The Tax Institute says if we go away from today without actually committing to getting rid of the state taxes that don't work, that are a drag on productivity -- stamp duty being one of them -- and work out how we fund states to replace that, we are just doing the country a disservice.

The Tax Institute was also quoted on Ninemsn on Wednesday 5 October 2011: “Divisions show in tax reform debate”. In the article, The Tax Institute says we are pleased with the discussion but without some sort of concrete commitment from government, the two days will be less worthwhile than they could have been.

The Australian Financial Review also mentions The Tax Institute on Wednesday 5 October 2011 in their article: “States face pressure on payroll levy” in relation to state taxes.

The Tax Institute is widely quoted throughout the Australian Financial Review’s tax forum lift-off on Thursday 6 October 2011: "So much polite nodding with real little talk" and "Business gets what it wants".

We also have an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review's tax forum lift-off (R11): ‘Reform body needs to implement Henry’s vision.’

We are quoted in The Australian of 6 October with regards to our call for a tax reform commission.

Robert Jeremenko was interviewed live from the tax forum on ABCNews 24 television on Wednesday 5 October 2011.

He was also interviewed by ABC Radio Queensland on Monday 3 October 2011, ABC NewsRadio on Tuesday 4 October 2011, ABC Radio Queensland (again) and ABC Newsradio (again) on Thursday 6 October 2011.

Smart Company quoted us on 6 October: Tax Forum: Who are the winners from two days of tax talk? and : Tax Forum ends with working group to discuss business tax changes.

We also issued a media release on 5 October: "Tax Institute vows to continue tax reform commission push".

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