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18 May 1212 The Tax institute in the Media

The Tax Institute was quoted in SmartCompany on 14 May 2012: Loss carry-back "trap" could mean that many businesses will fail to get tax refund, tax experts say with regards to the loss carry-back measure announced last week. In the article, The Tax Institute agrees that one of the limitations on the loss carry-back scheme is that the amount of loss that can be offset against a previous year's profit is limited to the balance of the franking account. "This is not going to be a make or break issue for this policy; it is still a positive policy announcement and something that will benefit business that meets those requirements."

On 16 May 2012 were again quoted in the Financial Review: ‘Push for corporate tax cut intensifies’, with regards to the government’s failure to pass on the promised company tax cuts. In the article, we say that while the government had shown a willingness to explore the possibility of tax reform, there were big differences between “exploring, promising and delivering on tax reform”. “The scrapping of the promised company-tax cut means that business is rightly sceptical at the moment about the government’s bona fides with regards to following through and actually stumping up for tax reforms”, “The business tax working group process, with proper open consultation, is a sign that the examination of potential tax reforms will continue, which is a good thing.”

The Tax Institute was again quoted in SmartCompany on 16 May: ‘Push for revival of scrapped company tax cuts intensifies’.  In the article we say “the Business Tax Working Group process, if conducted in a proper, open consultative way, holds great potential for analysis of further tax reforms including company tax cuts."

On 16 May 2012 we were also mentioned in the Financial Review: ‘Experts rounded up on tax evasion’, as having a representative present at a Treasury roundtable to discuss Part IVA reforms.

We were also mentioned in the Australian Financial Review on 17 May 2012: Rule out James Hardie tax argument, says ATO official regarding numerous speakers at The Tax Institutes 5th Annual Tax Forum.