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15 Jun 1212 The Tax Institute in the Media

The Tax Institute was quoted on 8 June in Business Spectator: Politicians urged to consider GST changes.  In the article we say, it would be good if both sides of politics could undertake further investigations into the issue to see if the current policy settings are appropriate.

The Tax Institute gave a pre-recorded interviewed for ABC radio on 8 June, in relation to the GST Distribution Panel’s interim report and the impact of GST distribution on the impetus for state tax reform.

The Tax Institute was also mentioned on 9 June in The Australian: Parties told to tackle GST reform in relation to industry bodies advocating for the need for GST reform.

The Tax Institute issued a media release on 13 June: Delay of Overdue Trust Tax Reform Unacceptable.

On 14 June we were quoted in the Australian Financial Review: Treasurer’s group has work cut out. In the article we welcome the government’s “renewed vigour” for a company tax cut, but say that “actions speak louder than words” – and its actions in May showed quite the opposite.

We were also quoted on 14 June in AAP. The article appeared in Trading Room: Business sceptical over tax cut: expert’ and also SBS: The Tax Institute believes business is probably a little sceptical about a tax cut being the government's "top priority" in relation to company tax cuts.

On 15 June we were quoted in The Australian:Small company tax cut 'can be financed, but riskyin the article we comment on the Government’s proposed company tax cut and options to fund it.