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On 16 November The Tax Institute issued a press release regarding the Government’s release of draft changes to Part IVA.  Robert Jeremenko also conducted interviews with ABC radio and Radio 2UE; the comments aired on Saturday 17 November.

Our press release was quoted on 16 November in the online Australian Financial Review: ‘Tax dodge rules get tougher’ and also in the print edition of the Weekend Australian Financial Review on 17 November. 

We also achieved coverage via AAP and the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Tax rule changes seen as too severe’ and Business Spectator: ‘Tax Institute baulks at tax rule’ 

On 19 November we were quoted in SmartCompany: ‘Tax industry fuming over proposed changes to anti-avoidance laws’. 

On 18 November Robert Jeremenko was interviewed by Ross Greenwood for the 2GB Sunday Business radio program regarding tax deductible child care, GST and broader tax reform. 

We were also quoted on 19 November in ABC News online: ‘Abbott lays out terms for child care costs inquiry’ with regards to the same issue. 

On 21 November The Tax Institute was quoted in the BRW: ‘ATO REFUNDS UNDER SCRUTINY’ with respect to the Inspector-General's recently announced review into the ATO's delayed tax refunds

On 22 November the Australian Financial Review published The Tax Institute’s opinion piece regarding child care costs and tax deductibility: ‘Childcare costs a taxing issue’. 

On the same day we were also quoted in another Australian Financial Review article: ‘Miners lose out on royalty refunds

On 23 November 2012 The Tax Institute is quoted in the Australian Financial Review with respect to the Govt's announcement on examining ways to target digital companies for tax in Australia: ‘Labor targets digital giants for tax’ 

We are also quoted in the Herald Sun with regard to the 2001 decision to freeze petrol excise indexation and how this provides a lesson for tax reform: ‘Federal Budget revenue lost because of petrol tax freeze hits $25 billion’.