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30 Nov 1212 The Tax Institute in the Media

On Friday 23 November The Tax Institute was quoted in SmartCompany: ‘Government hits out at tech giants over tax, but industry warns issue not so simple’. In the article we comment on the recent speech by the Assistant Treasurer in which he claimed international companies were exploiting tax laws in countries like Ireland, allowing them to minimise taxes in Australia as a result.  We say: "The issues raised here are a very complex area. The issues are made even more complicated by the fact you're not necessarily selling widgets, but internet services and so on. It's much broader than domestic tax policy, and there's not going to be any quick fix."

Also on 23 November The Tax Institute is acknowledged for research in the Herald Sun: ‘Time Voters had facts on taxation’.

On 28 November Louise McBride wrote an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review: ‘Childcare vital to keep women in workforce’. In the article she mentions historical work of The Tax Institute from the early 1990’s on child care and tax deductibility.

On 29 November The Tax Institute was quoted in the BRW: ‘ATO REFUNDS UNDER SCRUTINY’ with respect to the Inspector-General's recently announced review into the ATO's delayed tax refunds

The Financial Review of 30 November quotes The Tax Institute with respect to upcoming superannuation changes.  Voters are being softened up for major super changes in next year’s budget, as re-emphasised by Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson in a recent speech.  The article proceeds: 

“Dr Parkinson’s speech – made before a gathering of the superannuation industry – echoed the message being delivered via private conversations with Treasury officials, said Robert Jeremenko, a senior tax counsel at the Tax Institute. ‘This is clearly a concerted communication campaign by the government more broadly to raise these issues and, I would say, prepare taxpayers and the industry for some pretty big changes come budget.’  Mr Jeremenko said it was clear the government was continuing to look at super as a way of providing extra funds to meet its budget target.  These speeches were ‘no accidents’, he said.  He noted that Dr Parkinson’s remarks matched what the Greens have said about reducing the relative benefits to higher-income earners of superannuation."