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On 30 November 2012 Robert Jeremenko conducted an interview with ABC Radio following the Government's release of the GST Distribution Review Panel's report.

We were also quoted in the Australian Financial Review on 1 December 2012: “53 ways to lift take pay states”.  In the article we say: ‘There is no point tinkering with one aspect of the GST, when time and time again history has proven that tinkering with tax systems causes more harm than good. The only way to ensure that real reforms are achieved is to look at the tax system as a whole and that includes the whole of the GST.’

We were also quoted in the following online media: ABC, Australian, SMH, Daily Tele, Courier Mail, Herald Sun, and SkyNews.

On 6 December we were quoted widely with regard to the Government’s announcement that the Productivity Commission will review the impact of regulators on small business costs, including a universal definition for small business.  We have been calling on the Government to closely consider the merits of establishing both a universal definition of small business and a separate small business entity.  For too long small businesses have been hamstrung by a multitude of thresholds and definitions that has hampered growth due to excessive regulation and red tape.  See, Daily Telegraph, Business Spectator, and NineMSN.