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17 May 1313 The Tax Institute in the Media

On 13 May The Tax Institute was quoted in News Limited tabloid newspaper publications across the country: ‘Slow to pay study loans’ regarding changes to the HECS repayment discount.

On 14 May the Australian Financial Review reported on The Tax Institute's letter (in conjunction with the LCA) regarding the Government's proposed cap on self-education expenses: ‘Professional groups challenge $2000 cap on education expenses

Separately on 14 May the Australian Financial Review quoted The Tax Institute: ‘2012 tax reforms swell bill backlog’ with respect to outstanding tax measures. 

Later that day The Tax Institute issued a press release: ‘BUDGET 2013: Tax reform: Short-term thinking, long-term pain’. 

We were then quoted on AAP Newswires: ‘Big business targeted in tax crackdown’ 

The Tax Institute was extensively quoted on 15 May with regards to the Budget:

On 16 May the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph and all national News Limited tabloids carried analysis and quotes from The Tax Institute with respect to the Budget spending initiatives and how they relate to average tax paid.

We were also quoted in the Australian: ‘Tax changes carry whiff of politics’ with respect to the business tax changes in the Budget