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05 Apr 1212 Time for a parliamentary enquiry?

MEMBER 80 writes:

“After reading the many problems noted in just this week’s Member Feedback 2012 TaxVine No 10 (30 March 2012) and in particular those listed by Member 71, it has become blatantly obvious that it’s time for a parliamentary enquiry into the workings (or more accurately ‘non-workings’) and practices of the ATO. Enough was enough months ago and it appears to be getting worse by the week. We are a fairly small practice, but could write a book on the number of errors and inaccuracies we’ve seen coming out of the ATO and their $800++ million messed up computer upgrade in the last two years plus ABSURD procedures (inaccurate benchmarking ‘audits’, delayed refund reviews of minor amounts, wrong CGT amendments, etc, etc) and the time wasted to try and get them to fix their errors. Their system (or staff) cannot even correctly show simple things like what tax year assessments relate to (eg Member 72’s ‘PS’ 2012 TaxVine No 10 (30 March 2012)) or the period on which interest is paid or charged.

The ATO raising CGT Assessments on property buy and sell information that they have gathered without knowing or seeking the full facts is the last straw as exampled by at least 4 cases cited by Members in 2012 TaxVine No 10 (30 March 2012) – all of which were wrong by the ATO and required work by the tax agents involved to get the ATO to correct THEIR mistakes.

Please TI on behalf of your members and the Australian community press for a parliamentary enquiry into this ‘out of control inefficient monster’.”

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