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In 2015 TAXVINE No 2 (30 January 2015), Member 4 wrote:

"Welcome back everyone. On reading the initial Member Feedback comments it looks like 2015 is going to be no better than 2014 in dealings with the ATO and the pothole. It is quite clear that the ATO has no appreciation, or doesn’t care, about the wasted time for practitioners in having to deal with wrong or inadequate advice from the ATO which really cannot be billed to clients. I foreshadow that a number of our Members will see 2015 as the year to “pull up stumps” because it has just gotten too hard. This may sound a little pessimistic, but remember, you only have one go at life! Don’t come to the end of your life thinking about the things you could have done!"



"The ATO recognise the importance of the portals as a critical service for practitioners to do their work but also acknowledge they are aging and not keeping pace with Practitioner need in their current configuration. We are pleased to report they have recently been performing well with all Portals functioning near full availability since August last year. 

We are designing and will soon start to progressively build the priority portal services into our ‘ATO online’ platform.  Our aim is to improve stability and increase availability to better align the Portals to the changing needs of tax practices. Practitioners will continue to access these portal services in the same way as they access the current portals.

During this transitional period, we will continue to monitor portals 24/7 and look to quickly fix issues as they arise and limit maintenance times to our Saturday night to Sunday morning window."