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21 Mar 1313 What cheeses me off

MEMBER 46 writes:

"Instructions that don't make sense – that no one can follow.

Need a TFN for a deceased estate

Instruction on the ATO web site:

'The easiest way to apply for a tax file number (TFN) for a deceased estate is online through the Australian Business Register (ABR) at (for a deceased estate [trust] TFN application you will need to select "Company, Partnerships, Trusts and Other Organisations" at the Application Detail screen).'

Go to ABR and options are:

1. Apply for an ABN
2. Apply for a Business TFN

I don't need an ABN – not in business

Chose 2 even though not in Business

Get to last screen where it asks what Business you are in – realise 'this can't be right'.

Call ATO – they say, yes, you go to the Apply for an ABN section – 'but I don't need an ABN'.

'Yes I know that but that's where you go and you just say no you don't want an ABN - you want a TFN'.

OK (that makes so much sense now!!!!!) – Start again - Apply for an ABN option – to get a TFN.

Next screen: 'Apply for a Business TFN' – that's where I was 20 minutes ago under Option 2!!!

What business are you in? 'None – We just want a TFN'.

None of this makes sense and none of the online application bears any resemblance to the paper form which is the other option where the ATO requests details of the Deceased person, etc.

Why is the process so different and why are the online questions nonsensical?"

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