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MEMBER 198 writes:

"Captain James T (for Tax) Kirk was on the bridge of the USS Tax Agent patrolling taxpayer space when Spock exclaimed "Captain, sensors indicate an ATO weapon calling itself the Change System crossing the Neutral Zone at warp speed targeting us". "Quick" said Kirk, "raise shields and go to red alert!!". "Too late" cried Spock as the ship rocked to the impact of ATO Media Releases. "Scotty -get us out of here" shouted Kirk. “The engines canna take much more of this - they’re clogged with ATO Spam” screamed Scotty. "Damn!" said Kirk "if only we had some warning - any warning at all, I surmise this came from the ATO Empire.” “Ulhura, open a channel to ATO Emperor Mikhail on Planet Henry". "I can't Captain - Portal communications are out" replied Ulhura. "Hmmm" said Kirk turning to Bones the medical officer - "what do you make of it Bones?" Bones replied "It’s a tax administration system, but not as we know it Jim!!"

Kirk beamed down to the office of Emperor Mikhail on the Planet Henry to a scene of utter chaos. "Kirk to the bridge" said Kirk pulling out his communicator "there’s no-one here but thousands of unprocessed tax returns and a disembodied female voice asking me for my FKC - Emperor Mikhail's notes on his desk indicated this Change System weapon was working very well -  well at least that’s what he told his Star Chamber Senate Commissars when asked and it must have turned on the Empire- the poor devils!!"

"There’s nothing more I can do for them" said Kirk wearily, "Scotty - one to beam up - there's no sign of intelligent life here!!!!!!!"

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