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17 Aug 1212 Who audits the ATO?

MEMBER 174 writes:

"Our client received a refund after lodging his 2012 tax return. The ATO did not allocate his 4th Quarter PAYG instalment resulting in a lesser amount being refunded.

The ATO explained the error was due to the payment being received after the tax return was lodged, although the payment was made on 24th July and we lodged the return on 30th July.

You would expect a credit to show up either in the ICA or ITA for the final payment, but there was none. The money had simply disappeared into the 'system'.

Our client now has to wait 28 days while the ATO investigates the matter.

As tax practitioners, we are required to maintain a trust account for client moneys, and have that trust account audited. But who audits the tax office?

If we had not spotted the mistake, would the ATO have?"

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