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"Dear Commissioner - please tell me again how good the ATO is, I keep forgetting. A client was dumb enough to use the wrong payment code when paying his income tax, so it was allocated to his integrated account, and put him in credit. Now obviously your computer can't offset matching debit and credit balances, we know that already, so we have to request a balance transfer via the Portal. Please explain how, after satisfying the electronic security issues, it can take 14 days to process such a simple request. Banks can do it in 24 hours. Absolutely ludicrous. And it's a 28 day process if you waste the time of someone at the call centre.

Please also tell me how we explain our clients and expect them to retain any sort of faith in your efficiency. There, I've asked nicely, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for the reply."

MEMBER 154 writes:

"Finished a client's work for 2011-12 yesterday.

They pay GST by the Instalment system each BAS.

Wanted to do their Annual GST Return yesterday - it has not arrived and is not on the Portal.

Called the ATO - 'they won't be printed till early September 2012'.


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