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06 May 1111 Yet more of the same

MEMBER 74 writes:

"Today, 29.04.2011, I received a letter from the ATO advising us of the ATO contacting clients and reminding them to 'meet their tax obligations' as part of the Home Insulation Program. Apart from the ATO directing letters directly to clients instead of to the client's address for service of notices, this piece of mail had three address lines. The first was my practice name, the third was my town, BUT the second line was the first client's residential address... go figure that one out. If the letter did not come to the smallish country town in which I practise, who knows where the letter may have gone.

This may explain Member 72's lost mail issue last week!

Surely there must be a privacy issue here and must be investigated by the Ombudsman not the ATO - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

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