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MEMBER 57 writes:

"When will the Tax Agent Portal be fixed? Members have been giving feedback regarding problems for yonks (that is the larger, metric yonks), but nothing seems to be happening apart from ATO pronouncements that all is fixed and working properly.

Well, it is still not fixed. Logging on is a lottery – sometimes I can get in first try, but at least half the time I get an error message saying 'An error has occurred with a result code of 4402. [message=Keystore Load operation failed, errorCode=4402]'.

Once (finally) successfully logged in, I can still be given fatal error messages at the very last step of entering a new client or filling in a BAS, and have to start all over again.

The ATO Portal help area has not been able to fix this. They have suggested everything from just rebooting to updating the AUSKEY software, all of which I have done. One honest ATO employee had the courage to admit there were problems with their software.

THE TAX INSTITUTE’S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: “The Tax Institute consistently highlights systemic Portal issues to the ATO. Members who identify systemic issues with the Portal should contact us directly at with the particular details of the issue so that we can continue to bring these issues to the ATO’s attention.”