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Seminar and Convention papers from all Taxation Institute events are available online to be downloaded in PDF format.

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 The Tax Institute runs over 300 CPP seminars a year and the majority of our speakers dedicate considerable time and effort in preparing and writing papers and presentations. All papers and powerpoint presentations provided by the speakers from our seminars are available through the website individually or through a Tax Knowledge eXchange subscription.

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  • FBT Planning and Compliance Issues

    25 Mar 1999
    Parkroyal Hotel

    Topics covered include: general compliance issues, tips for the 1999 return, reporting requirements for 2000, FBT and GST.

  • Steele's Case: A Synopsis of the High Court Decision

    24 Mar 1999
    City West Function Centre, Perth

    The long awaited decision in Steele's Case concerning the deductibility of interest was handed down on 4 March 1999. Whilst the significance of this decision for property and infrastructure developers cannot be underestimated, the principles elaborated by the Court are of great interest to all taxpayers.


    24 Mar 1999
    Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

    This convention provided delegates with improved knowledge in a variety of specialist taxation areas, and the very latest information on a range of issues and strategies relevant to the changing taxation profession.

  • Developments Affecting Small Business

    23 Mar 1999
    Parkroyal Hotel

    Topics discuss include: capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, the proposed taxation of companies and trusts, offsetting losses, the anti-dividend streaming rules, the holding period rules, interest deductions, expenses incurred after a business has ceased, and savings rebate.

  • Steele's Case: A Synopsis of the High Court Decision

    19 Mar 1999
    Raddisson Playford Hotel, Adelaide

    Taxpayers and businesses have everything to celebrate as a result of the High Court's favourable decision in the Steele's Case handed down on 4th March 1999. The importance of this decision cannot be underestimated for the High Court has confirmed that interest will not be of a capital nature in most cases. This is of importance for a number of sectors including property developers, infrastructure and mining. We may not be completely out of the woods because the ATO needs to alleviate uncertainty about the status and application of a number of significant rulings which were withdrawn by the ATO prior to the recent High Court decision. Where will the ATO go from here?

  • Steele's case - the saga continues

    18 Mar 1999
    Hilton Hotel

    The High Court handed down its long-awaited decision in the Steele Case on 4 March 1999. The majority decision determined the question of law in relation to the deductability of interest outgoings under the first limb of Section 5(1). However, a definitive decision was not made and the High Court ordered that the matter be remitted back the AAT.

  • Goodwill Since the Murry Case

    17 Mar 1999
    Parkroyal Hotel

    Topics include: impacts and implications of the Murry case and TR98/D13, and goodwill planning issues arising from the Murry case.

  • Trusts

    16 Mar 1999
    Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn

    In the past year there have been enormous developments in the taxation treatment of trusts including the introduction of trust loss provisions, the introduction of Division 7A and litigation dealing with income distributions and the application of anti-avoidance provisions to trust distributions. This year we will see the proposals for the taxation of trusts as companies from the Review of Business Taxation. This seminar will bring you up to date with all of these issues and explain the matters of current concern and the concerns which may exist in the future.

  • Y2K

    16 Mar 1999
    Australian Mineral Foundation, Glenside

    Provides an overview of various practical issues relating to the Y2K problem, and how to deal with them. Practical issues discussed include: planning, insurance, legal, risk management, contigency plans, and planning opportunities. Also examines some of the taxataion implications in relation to Y2K compliance, in particular TR 98/13 is also reviewed.

  • Preferred tax structures under the ANTS paper

    16 Mar 1999
    Menzies Hotel

    The proposed reform of business taxes will require practiitioners to face a number of new issues not dealt with before. This Seminar will analyse there differences and provide valuable guidance on which structures to choose under the proposed ANTS regime

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