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Effective business writing skills for tax professionals podcast

Published on 01 Nov 10 by The Tax Institute

Important: This podcast is designed to be used in conjunction with the corresponding Powerpoint presentation available here.

This podcast, relevant to all tax professionals wanting to improve their professional writing skills, covers how to:

  • format letters of advice appropriately
  • structure the overall content of letters of advice
  • convey information clearly within and across paragraphs through information flow and grammar
  • use the passive voice appropriately
  • control the level of technicality in your letters of advice
  • adopt an appropriate tone.

Author profile

Helen de Silva Joyce
Helen (BA MEd) has a Masters in Education specialising in Language in Education. Helen has over 20 years experience in adult education and has been involved in teacher education for the past ten years. She has published a number of books and articles in the fields of language and literacy education for both the adult and secondary sectors and workplace communication. She has worked as an editor on numerous publications and as a project officer and scriptwriter on a number of multimedia projects. She has undertaken extensive research into the spoken and written language of the workplace and her current research interests are spoken language, literacy in context and the language of the media.


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