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2016 Topical Issues for SME’s

The 2016 Topical Issues for SME’s video bundle brings together 10 tax experts. Recorded at the NSW Tax Forum in June 2016, you can now access a broad range of technical presentations from your office or boardroom.

Each video includes the synced PowerPoint slides.

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8 video sessions | 8 CPD Hours


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Division 7A

Speaker: Professor Gordon Cooper, AM, CTA (Life), Cooper & Co

Effectively dealing with Division 7A is an ongoing concern for SME practitioners. Many Division 7A problems are persistent issues that have been around since the provisions were introduced, while others have only arisen in more recent times.

This presentation will take you through many of these recurring and new issues including:

  • What to do about pre-December 1997 loans that are still on the balance sheet
  • When is a loan statute-barred and what should you do with it?
  • How does Division 7A interact with trusts, UPEs and forgiveness?
  • How does Division 7A interact with trusts, UPEs and forgiveness?
  • What does the post-implementation review of Division 7A mean for practitioners?

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Does the ATO think your Client is Risky?

Speakers: Michael Cranston, Australian Taxation Office and Adrian Abbott, CTA, Crowe Horwath

Are you and the ATO looking at your client in the same way?

For many years the big end of town have been subject to more rigorous profiling and disclosure by the ATO, but now it’s the turn of SMEs.

This presentation examines some of the key issues in this area, including:

  • What does the ATO’s new risk differentiation mean to an SME?
  • Is it really too much disclosure of information?
  • How do taxpayers know, change or address disputed risk profiles - what’s next for high-risk taxpayers?
  • How do taxpayers know, change or address disputed risk profiles - what’s next for high-risk taxpayers?
  • How do we get clients on board with the new approach?

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Extracting Value out of Business Acquisitions and Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

Speaker: Julian Cheng, ATI, Deloitte and Michael Jeffreys, Deloitte

The acquisition of businesses continues to represent an important linchpin of corporate growth strategies. However, the complexity of the existing legislative framework, combined with the wide ranging impact of proposed changes, means that taxpayers and their advisers need to exercise great care when approaching such acquisitions from an Australian tax perspective.

This session focuses on issues which affect value in the context of business acquisitions, including:

  • Financing considerations - impact of changes to thin capitalisation, transfer pricing and the regulatory views on s 974-80
  • Transaction costs - maximising recoverability through appropriate structuring
  • An update on the impact of recent developments in the selection of an appropriate acquisition structure.

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Family Provision Claims: How to Safeguard Assets Outside of Your Will

Speakers: Lisa Oddo, CTA, N.Panos & Associates

The focus of this presentation is to explore cutting-edge strategies in relation to protecting assets that do not form part of the deceased’s actual estate from family provision claims.

Disgruntled family members may use the NSW estate provisions to bring a family provision claim (or the threat of such a claim) against the deceased estate. These estate provisions are wide reaching, and can form a dangerous weapon to with which claimants can dismantle an estate plan.

The Succession Act (NSW) 2006 enables a court to treat certain property such as trusts and superannuation death benefits that is not actually part of a deceased estate as being notionally part of their estate. This means that for a family provision claim, a court not only looks at the assets that were actually part of the deceased’s estate on death but also the assets of the estate.

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New Employee Share Scheme Rules: SME Start-ups

Speaker: Cameron Blackwood, ATI, Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills

The recent government announcements and the change of rules as at 1 July 2015 have prompted many to reconsider employee share schemes (ESS). It is worth remembering that traditional ESS have never really suited private businesses.

This presentation covers the alternatives that are likely to continue to be relevant:

  • Trends in ESS and applications to private companies
  • Making the “start-up” concession work for private business - ESS with deferral and CGT discount
  • Issues for businesses which do not qualify for the start-up concessions alternative employee incentive arrangements.

5 minute preview

Practical Issues with Trusts: Important Updates

Speakers: Ken Schurgott, CTA (Life), Schurgott & Co Lawyers

Trusts are notoriously complicated. Steering your clients through this mess is becoming increasing difficult.

The focus of this presentation is on the practical problems of compliance with tax laws and a “where are we now” update with some speculation as to where the legislature might take us. The discussion includes:

  • Preparation of effective trusts resolutions
  • Streaming issues
  • Disclaiming and renouncing trusts interests
  • Varying the trust terms in particular extending the vesting date
  • CGT events A1 and E1 – why is the difference important?
  • Absolute entitlements and bare trusts

5 minute preview

Practical Strategies with Business Succession

Speaker: Greg Travers, CTA, William Buck

With a large number of private business owners nearing retirement, how do we pass control to the next generation, or prepare for exit?

This presentation looks at:
  • The key tax consequences to be aware of when advising in this challenging area
  • Strategies for family succession and management buy-outs
  • Financing the entry and exit of shareholders
  • Other consequences that you need to consider

5 minute preview

Revenue v Capital: Review of Recent Cases and What They Mean for Your Business

Speaker: Eddy Moussa, CTA, PwC

Recent cases show that the “divide” between the fruit and the tree remains a difficult one.

By considering High Court and Full Federal Court decisions, this session will explore the vexed issue of characterisation. This survey of cases included coverage of the Ausnet Transmission High Court decision (expenditure side) and the Full Federal court decision in Blank (on the income side), and a discussion on how these cases may have broader application to other items of business expenses and business income.

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8 videos sessions | 8 CPD Hours