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2017 Superannuation reform video package

2017 is ramping up to be the year of superannuation. What an exciting and dynamic time to practise in this space. With the government’s major reform package finally in place and a raft of brand new measures kicking in on 1 July, it is important to understand what these changes mean for you and your clients.

This video package will help you navigate these changes and highlight the key steps, strategies and practical tips that you need to be aware of in the lead up to 1 July.

Presented by four industry experts, you’ll gain insight into the controversial $1.6 million transfer balance cap and how it affects pensions, estate planning and death benefits; the new contribution provisions; concessional and non-concessional caps and the new Div 293 threshold.

Must see presentations for all those who are practising in this space.

  • 4 CPD hours
  • Each video includes the PowerPoint slides.
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Presented by Daniel Butler, CTA, DBA Lawyers Pty Ltd

Covering the new super regime as it applies to pensions and TRISs, this session outlines the key steps, strategies and practical tips and traps that advisers need to be aware of including:

  • New $1.6M transfer balance cap
  • Excess transfer balance penalties
  • CGT cost base relief (segregated and proportionate methods)
  • TRIS issues and removal of tax benefits
  • Lump sums and minimum pension requirements
  • Internal commutations
  • Key issues, actions and strategies pre 30 June 2017

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Isolated Changes and Legacy Pensions

Presented by David Barrett, CTA, Macquarie Group

The latest superannuation reforms are far reaching and impact several elements of the superannuation system. This webinar focuses on the following issues related to legacy pensions and other superannuation changes:

  • New Division 293 threshold
  • New low income superannuation tax offset
  • Low income spouse tax offset
  • Removal of anti-detriment provisions
  • Lifetime, life expectancy and market-linked pensions:
  • Transfer balance cap
  • Tax treatment of income streams from such pensions
  • Key issues, actions and strategies pre 30 June 2017

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The New Contribution Provisions

Presented by Jemma Sanderson, CTA, Cooper Partners Financial Service

The new superannuation provisions will have a substantial impact on anyone who wishes to build up their assets to provide for their retirement. Given the significant changes to contributions, this session will outline in detail:

  • The most substantial changes to superannuation contributions since 1 July 2007
  • New concessional and non-concessional caps
  • Total super balance - new limit on non-concessional and some other contributions
  • New concessional catch-up provisions
  • Transitional non-concessional rules
  • Removal of 10% test
  • Contributions to constitutionally protected funds
  • Fund capped contributions
  • Excess contributions under the new regime
  • Key issues, actions and strategies pre 30 June 2017

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Succession and Estate Planning

Speaker: Philip Broderick, CTA, Sladen Legal

One of the greatest changes under the new super laws is arguably how transfer balance cap effects the payment of death benefits to spouses. This is because many members who exceed the cap can longer simply pay all of their death benefits to their spouse in the form of the pension. This means that careful planning is now required for members affected, or potentially affected, by the cap. In this session, the following issues will be considered:

  • How the transfer balance cap works for death benefits
  • Death benefit pensions vs reversionary pensions under the cap
  • When should existing pensions be converted into automatically reversionary pensions?
  • Dealing with the liquidity crunch on the death of the first spouse including in-specie death benefit payments
  • Implications for estate planning for TRISs
  • Child pensions – an opportunity or a trap?
  • What can or should be done before 1 July 2017?

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