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Go for Growth Modules

Go for Growth is your complete eLearning solution, putting all the important skills, resources and knowledge you need to succeed in business at your fingertips. 

From successfully running your growing business to effectively marketing your services to attract new clients, Go for Growth is a vital resource for every business looking to take that next step. 

Giving you access to practical online training, Go for Growth also ensures that you and your team are across key workplace safety and culture legislation, and building a safe and productive workplace culture.


Instant online access to thousands of online courses across these key areas:



Business Skills

The world of business is competitive, which means it takes more than just determination to succeed – there’s also certain skills you need to possess to make it to the top. 

Project Management 

  • Project management toolkit – by Mind Channel 

  • Introduction to continuous improvement – by Intellelearn 

  • Project Management for non-project managers – by Skillshub 

  • Embracing and Agile Culture for Business Growth – by Skillsoft 

  • Increasing your productivity in a fast paced world – by Cegos Training 

General Management 

  • Remote Working 101 – by iAM Learning 

  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement – by Seven Dimensions 

  • SMART goal setting – by Mind Channel 

  • Maintaining positive relationships and managing conflict – by Interaction Training 

  • Navigating the workplace with emotional intelligence  by Skillsoft 

People and Communication skills 

  • Essential Skills of Communicating – by Vital Learning 

  • Difficult Conversations: How to Master them with Alan Stevens – by The Expert Academy 

  • Effective Business Communication – by Vado 

  • Consulting Communication Skills – by Interaction Learning 

  • Communicate Clear and Concise Messages – by Vado 

Human Resources 

  • 10 minute cultural awareness – by LearningPlanet 

  • Role of Human Resource in Leading Digital Transformation – by Sarder Learning 

  • The performance development mindset – by Vado 

  • Introduction to effective workplace relationships – by Interaction Training 

  • Telecommuting: strategies for Remote Employees – by Enspark 

Accounting and Finance 

As a tax professional you’ll be across the key aspects of your businesses finances, but what about your support staff? Ground them and give them a better understanding of your core business and you’ll all be speaking the same language. 

  • Certificate in Xero – The Career Academy 

  • Financial crimes, IP and Copyright – by Interaction Training 

  • Corporate Finance and its importance – by Wall Street Prep 

  • Accounting for Stock transactions – by Skillsoft 

  • Plan and implement financial management approaches – by Interaction Training 

Technology Skills

We live in the digital age where technology is everywhere, including in the workplace. Build the digital skillset of your team, increase efficiencies, and develop employees for the future, with training in popular programs such as PowerPoint and Excel. 

  • Create Digital Content – Microsoft 

  • Excel 2019 Advanced – by Intellezy 

  • Microsoft Teams – Introduction – by BiteSize 

  • Cyber Security: Phisihing Prevention – by Mind Channel 

  • Artificial Intelligence: Human-computer Interaction Methodologies – by Skillsoft 

Safety and Compliance

Whether you’re a small business or a large global company, all organisations need to make sure that they stay compliant and up to date with the regulations of the workplace, and providing a safe space for their employees to work in. 

HR Compliance 

  • Preventing workplace bullying – by Interaction Training 

  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination – by ViaUp 

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention – by Enspark 

  • Equal Employment Opportunity – by Sentrient 

  • Ethical Expectations: Code of Conduct and Compliance Training – by Global Ethics Solutions 

Health and Safety 

  • COVID-19: Returning to the workplace – by Traliant 

  • Building psychological safety – by Symmetra 

  • Work Health and Safety – by Sentrient 

  • First Aid – Basics – by UL Puresafety 

  • Office Ergonomics – by ViaUp 

Financial compliance 

  • Anti-bribery and corruption – by Thomson Reuters 

  • Fraud Awareness (Australia) – by GRC Solutions 

  • Anti-money laundering – by Skillshub 

  • Fraud prevention Global – by Thomson Reuters 

  • PCI Essentials for Account Data Handlers and Supervisors – DSS 3.2 – by Inspired eLearning 

General compliance 

  • Compliance – Internet & Email Policies – by Catalyst online learning portal 

  • Modern Slavery Act Awareness – by Allara Learning 

  • Corporate Governance Unlisted (Australia) – by GRC Solutions 

  • Compliance vs Commitment – by Pearls of Wisdom 

Customer Service

  • Angry and upset customers
  • Apply point of sale handling procedures
  • Balance conflicting customer priorities
  • Building rapport
  • Customer engagement elearning suite
  • Customer service over the phone
  • Customer service quality
  • Customer success and growth
  • Deliver and monitor a service to customers
  • Develop product and service
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Handling objections
  • Holding a customer service call
  • Interact with customers
  • Keeping customers informed
  • Listening to your customers
  • Meeting customer needs
  • Operate retail technology
  • Quality customer service skills
  • Shaping the direction of customer service
  • The consultative service process
  • The eight step process
  • The end of a customer service call
  • The quality customer service process
  • Use multiple information systems
  • Work effectively in a retail environment
  • Work effectively in customer engagement

( + more course available and regularly added)

Personal development

Invest in your employees, and you’ll get the best for them and for your business. Gain the tools you need to excel at skills like critical thinking, planning and goal setting, and to maintain balance and wellness as you rise to the top. 

  • 10-minute pandemic awareness – by Learning Planet 

  • Effective Time Management – by Skills Hub 

  • Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience – Skillsoft  

  • Turn Microaggressions into Micro-inclusions 

  • Critical Thinking Bundle – Chart Learning Solutions 

  • Building Resilience at Work – Skills Hub 

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers over the Telephone – by Skills Hub