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25 - 26 May 2017 | Sheraton, Melbourne

For Specialists dealing with infrastructure

This conference program covers key issues relevant to your sector, including the capital/income distinction in an infrastructure context, key tax issues on privatisations, financing stapled structures, structuring capital contributions tax effectively and MIT rules in an infrastructure context.

Investment in infrastructure is critical for maintaining living standards and creating the conditions in which our economy can continue to grow. Governments in Australia are increasingly looking to the private sector to develop and maintain roads, ports, pipelines, power and other essential infrastructure assets.

This conference program covers many issues that are relevant to our industry, including the meaning of “control” in the context of public trading trusts and the thin capitalisation rules, BEPs and global infrastructure, financing stapled structures, tax sharing and tax funding agreements, and an update on the managed investment trust (MIT) rules among other things. We again have a session on the ATO’s perspective on infrastructure investment from Jeremy Hirschhorn.

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