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The Division 7A eLearning module consists of three sub-modules, each designed to take around one hour to complete. There are a total of 3 CPD hours assigned to purchasers of the Division 7A online subscription package upon completion of all three sub-modules.

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The Learning Objectives

This online learning module is designed to test the user's overall knowledge of content covered in the Division 7A online book. It must be emphasised that, since the relevant provisions are complex and extensive, it is only possible to cover the main areas of concern that arise for practitioners.

When using the module, the relevant paragraph(s) in the Division 7A Handbook at which the particular topic is discussed can be accessed by clicking the link(s). In some instances, a following or preceding paragraph or paragraphs may also be relevant.

It is important to note that the format of the module does not lend itself to the testing of the correctness of the reasoning process which leads the user to give a particular answer. However, reference to the linked paragraph(s) of the Handbook will assist the user. Extensive feedback is given by way of explanation for correct and incorrect answers.

Learning Outcomes

If all questions are answered successfully without reference to the Division 7A Handbook, this indicates a good grasp of the operation of the Division 7A over a range of situations. However, it must be remembered that a correct answer may have been given as a result of an "educated guess", and it would be prudent to read the relevant material in the book to confirm that the principles are understood.

If a question is not answered correctly, the user should concentrate on familiarising him/herself with the relevant principles in relation to the particular question.

In all cases, before giving advice in relation to a matter involving Division 7A, a practitioner must refer to all relevant materials (including the Handbook, any published ATO material).

This eLearning module comprises three sub-modules (approximately one hour each) which can be completed on its own.

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