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SMSF Cover 2015

The SMSF Guide is a practical guide designed for specialist SMSF advisers, tax practitioners and financial planners who advise superannuation fund trustees and members.

Now in its ninth edition, this leading SMSF title from Jemma Sanderson, CTA, incorporates real case studies, issues and examples.

Including substantial strategies, issues and considerations in light of the fair and sustainable superannuation provisions that impacted many SMSFs in the lead-up to 30 June 2017 it also covers how they continue to have a considerable impact on clients.

Importantly, this new landscape has substantially affected estate planning for all SMSF members and the guide considers the issues in detail, outlining strategies and the key areas to address.

Designed around the life cycle of an SMSF, the guide provides an update on recent developments and the practical implications that affect your clients.

With detailed analysis of current superannuation strategies, you will be able to consolidate your knowledge, provide strategic advice, and add value to your clients’ investments.

New sections and updates in the ninth edition include:

    • consideration of the strategies to optimise client strategies under the new legislation, including:
      • contribution strategies and issues with the total superannuation balance provisions, and the importance of the ability to receive a refund of any excess contribution;
      • pension strategies with respect to the transfer balance cap, including:
        • timing considerations and triggering a transfer balance cap event;
        • the reporting requirements for funds; and
        • the special value calculations for capped defined benefit income streams post-1 July 2017 in light of ATO guidance.
    • withdrawal and recontribution strategies in practice; and
    • the substantially changed estate planning landscape with respect to the fair and sustainable provisions and how the estate planning implications and strategies for all clients with an SMSF should be revisited;
    • a review of recent cases with respect to the death of a member, particularly the operation of binding death benefit nominations, trustee discretion and the importance of full consideration of the succession of an SMSF;
    • consideration of the ongoing use of existing reserves within an SMSF and the estate planning implications in light of SMSFRB 2018/1; and
    • consideration of the non-arm’s length income (NALI) and expense provisions, including:
      • PCG 2016/5 with respect to limited recourse borrowing arrangements and nil interest loans to SMSFs from a related party;
      • the features of a commercial arrangement under PCG 2016/5 and TD 2016/16; and
      • consideration of the proposed amendment to the NALI legislation regarding non-arm’s length expenses.

The online edition incorporates changes that were known as at August 2018.

The annual online subscription includes:

    • 12 months of unlimited access to the online book; and
    • interactive eLearning with reference links back to the online book (3 CPD hours);

About our author

Jemma Sanderson, CTA, is a Principal of Cooper Partners Financial Services, heading up its SMSF specialist services. Jemma provides strategic advice on SMSFs, estate planning and wealth management to clients, as well as technical support to accounting, legal and financial planning groups.

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