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Section 1: A practical approach to Pt IVA
Chapter 1: Approaches to applying Pt IVA
Chapter 2: Methodology for a practical approach
Chapter 3: Established positions
Section 2: Part IVA in practice
Chapter 4: Personal services income
Chapter 5: CGT small business concessions
Chapter 6: Trusts
Chapter 7: Tax planning
Chapter 8: Wash sale-type transactions
Section 3: The key legislative concepts
Chapter 9: Importance of the legislation
Chapter 10: Scheme
Chapter 11: Tax benefit
Chapter 12: Purpose
Section 4: The case law
Chapter 13: Foundation cases
Chapter 14: Other Federal Court cases
Chapter 15: The “tax-effective investment scheme” cases
Section 5: Other important elements
Chapter 16: Rulings
Chapter 17: The GAAR Panel
Chapter 18: Part IVA determinations.