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What this guide does

This guide outlines a number of business and investment structures that can be used to protect assets, maximise available tax concessions and organise business, investment and family relations in a logical way.

The guide comprises six parts:

  • Part 1 introduces the guide, describes how to use it and lists the conventions used in diagrams throughout the book. It also discusses fundamental concepts relevant to trusts;
  • Part 2 outlines some issues that should be considered in structuring or restructuring business or investments and, through the use of a flowchart, indicates which structure should at first instance be considered;
  • Parts 3 and 4 explain the various structures that may be used in any given business or investment scenario;
  • Part 5 discusses the liabilities of directors of corporate trustees, extracts information from the Corporations Act 2001 and provides an overview of the operation of a standard private company. The overview is particularly relevant to the management, control and operation of the corporate trustees of the trust structures described in this guide; and
  • Part 6 identifies and explains important tax issues specific to trusts.