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Seminar and Convention papers from all Taxation Institute events are available online to be downloaded in PDF format.

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The Tax Institute runs over 300 CPD seminars a year and the majority of our speakers dedicate considerable time and effort in preparing and writing papers and presentations. All papers and powerpoint presentations provided by the speakers from our seminars are available through the website individually or through a Tax Knowledge eXchange subscription.

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  • 2020 National Superannuation Webinar Series - Property and SMSFs

    06 May 2020 | Online | National

    This session discussed the following:

    • update on Aussiegolfa and Domacom cases
    • considerations of related party issues with property including related party tenants
    • changes to non-arm’s length income considerations
    • JV arrangements and recent ATO activity
    • property development in an SMSF and recent ATO guidance undertaking improvements/R&M.

  • Getting your estate planning right in the COVID-19 crisis

    01 May 2020 | Online | VIC

    When crisis occur, the importance of estate planning is critical for clients and their advisers. This session considered:

    • the importance of reviewing the estate plan
    • separation, divorce and their impact on the estate plan
    • can you protect the family jewels the children will inherit?
    • the bank of mum and dad…
    • de facto partners vs domestic partners and where it matters.

  • 2020 National Superannuation Webinar Series - NALI and NALE

    29 Apr 2020 | Online | National

    Non-arm’s length income was historically an afterthought as it impacted very few SMSF transactions. Changes introduced from 1 July 2018 have turned the whole thing on its head with non-arm’s length expenses now the catalyst for widespread concern about not only our clients but also how we as SMSF professionals deal with our own fund. This session explored the following areas of interest:

    • new law changes, how they apply including ATO interpretation
    • specific and general nexus between expenses and income
    • trustee v personal remuneration – SIS v tax
    • application to practitioners with their own SMSF.

  • Bespoke Drafting of Trust Deeds vs. Fixing Up Problems in Old Deeds

    23 Apr 2020 | Online | VIC

    This webinar covered:

    • how wide should the class of beneficiaries of income and capital be and what happens in default of an appointment of income and upon vesting?
    • who should hold controlling roles and what powers should they have?
    • what rights should the trust deed grant the beneficiaries?
    • issues related to foreign beneficiaries
    • hard wiring succession vs enabling incumbent controllers to pass control as they see fit.

  • 2020 National Superannuation Webinar Series - Contributions Workshop

    22 Apr 2020 | Online | National

    Since 1 July 2017, it has become even more difficult to build up superannuation benefits for retirement. There are many elements we must now navigate to provide advice to our clients in this area. This session identified the issues, strategies and opportunities to contribute to superannuation, as well as provided practical considerations for our clients, with the aim to optimise their overall benefits by retirement.

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Package - Accessing the Tax Benefits – Part 2

    16 Apr 2020 | Online | National

    This interactive webinar was be lead by Yan Wong, who is responsible for Grant Thornton’s tax advice practice regarding COVID-19, and included input from Matthew Andruchowycz, who is a tax director at Kovich & Co Lawyers.

    • Yan and Matthew shared the benefit of many coal face client and adviser questions, issues and answers over the past and coming weeks
    • webinar participants heard the essential rules and practicalities for their own business and discussions with clients
    • there was a particular focus on examples and risks of borderline cases who may seek to access the Cash Flow Boost and Job Keeper Payment.

  • Payroll tax game changer for medical and health practices? The impact of the decision in Optical Superstore

    15 Apr 2020 | Online | NSW

    This webinar considered the recent payroll tax decision in Commissioner of State Revenue v The Optical Superstore Pty Ltd and its implications for the payroll tax obligations of medical and health practices. In Commissioner of State Revenue v The Optical Superstore Pty Ltd, a medical practice was found to be subject to payroll tax on amounts belonging to practitioners when the practice collected the amounts and on-paid them to the practitioners. This webinar heard important views from Revenue NSW and other experienced practitioners on the significance of the decision.

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Package – Practical Implications – Part 1

    09 Apr 2020 | Online | National

    This interactive webinar featured Jeremy Geale, who is leading the ATO’s response to COVID-19, Vanessa Priest of Baskin Clarke Priest and Professor Robert (Bob) Deutsch from The Tax Institute. Vanessa and Bob put all the most pressing questions to Jeremy and discussed topics such as:

    • how do you calculate your eligibility to the 1st and 2nd cash flow boost?
    • what administrative measures have the ATO put in place to relieve the burden on businesses?
    • how best can I support my clients with their tax obligations?

    The session also considered the complexities of the Stimulus Package by working through several practical examples.

  • 2020 National Superannuation Webinar Series - General Update

    08 Apr 2020 | Online | National

    This webinar provided a general update on what’s been happening in super since 1 July 2019 including changes in legislation, hot issues in the industry and SMSF trends. Liz discussed what is top of mind with her clients and where opportunities exist for SMSF practitioners.

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