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CGT - What's new?

Need guidance on CGT Concessions? Selling your business? New coverage of the CGT concessions on the Tax Knowledge eXchange

The Tax Knowledge eXchange brings you the latest thinking on the CGT concessions.

Alongside the latest papers from The Tax Institute’s events and articles from our leading journals you’ll find daily tax news, commentary, submissions and more. With the online books option you’ll also have access to CGT Small Business Reliefs, now in its seventh edition.

Here’s a selection of recent content on CGT from the Tax Knowledge eXchange

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Roll-overs and small business CGT concessions

Strategies for winding up companies  

Small business CGT case study 

CGT implications of business and entity restructures 

Tax cases: Track and the CGT small business concessions 

Tips, traps and uncertainties in the not-so-easy small business CGT concessions

Exiting your business - Selling to a third party 

The income tax and CGT consequences of property disposals

The retirement savings conundrum fortune favours the brave

Applying the CGT concessions

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