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10th Annual Superannuation Intensive

Published on 30 Aug 2012 | Took place at Sofitel Sydney, NSW

    The very strong growth in the SMSF sector is continuing and with this growth there are an increased number of issues facing both clients and practitioners alike. Many of these issues have emerged in the past year alone since our last successful seminar.
    This year’s 10th Annual Superannuation Intensive seminar program was equipped with a highly regarded panel of speakers discussing the latest in cutting edge strategies and planning opportunities and alerting practitioners to the many traps that may snare the unwary. This seminar also explored the latest changes at a practical and informative level and assists practitioners with navigating the complex minefield of SMSF issues.
    The topics covered identify the different tax, compliance and audit issues related to SMSFs that your clients are facing and provide you with the relevant tools to help you successfully deal with these issues.
    Topics covered included:
  • Superannuation Update
  • Contributions to Super – the what, how, why and when
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Doomsday Preparation: Super and Estate Planning
  • Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements by SMSFs - In Practice
  • Tax and SMSF Compliance Issues: an ATO Perspective

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Individual sessions

Superannuation update

Author(s):  Mark WILKINSON

This paper covers:

  • Detailed analysis of the issues discussed by the ATO and contained in National Technical Tax Liason Group (Superannuation Sub Committee) minutes
  • Detailed analysis of the budget announcements that impact on superannuation funds
  • An analysis of major legislative changes this year
  • Review of changes contained in major rulings including those dealing with Borrowing in superannuation fund and structuring pensions
  • An analysis of the current state of play with regard to superannuation contributions and excessive contributions tax liabilities.
Materials from this session:

Contributions to Super - The what, how, why and when

Author(s):  Graeme COLLEY

The taxation impacts on making a contribution to a superannuation fund can never be underestimated as it is more than just the payment of cash that is counted. In this paper, Graeme Colley looks at the finer points of:

  • What is a contribution – there is more to that than you think
  • Taxation impacts of contributions
  • The importance of timing contributions
  • Keeping your contribution caps on or off
  • The impact of the proposals in the wind.
Materials from this session:

Audit and compliance

Author(s):  Jo Heighway

This paper covers: 

  • An update on Auditor Registration
  • The importance of Independence, where are we now?
  • Hot audit issues for 2012/13
  • Every problem has a solution – rectifying breaches (case studies)
  • Digital technology and its’ impact on SMSF audit practices.
Materials from this session:

Doomsday preparation: Super and estate planning

Author(s):  Jennie LYNN

Super and estate planning continues to be a hot topic as there are so many variables. Planning ahead is key. This paper takes you through the most common tips and traps that can occur:

  • How wills interacts with super
  • Who can receive super death benefits and the tax effects
  • Reversionary pensions
  • Trusteeship
  • Binding death benefit nominations
  • Insurances within or outside super.
Materials from this session:

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements by SMSFs - In practice

Author(s):  Lisa ODDO

The implementation of a LRBA by an SMSF is a very complex transaction since there are a minefield of issues and traps which need to be considered. The successful implementation of these arrangements requires the practitioner to be up to date and on top of their game. Getting it wrong can have devastating consequences. This paper covers:

  • Practical issues, common errors and traps with implementation
  • The role of the accountant, lawyer, financier and financial planner
  • Overview of the recently finalised SMSFR 2012/1
  • Loan and security documents and dealing with the financier
  • New stamp duty concessions and dealing with the OSR.
Materials from this session:

Tax and SMSF compliance issues: An ATO perspective

Author(s):  Stuart FORSYTH

This paper covers:

  • Recent SMSF cases and rulings
  • The growing importance of approved auditors
  • Current compliance issues
  • Compliance areas of particular concern to the ATO
  • Update on aspects of super reform that relate to the SMSF sector.
Materials from this session: