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2010 CGT Roadshow

Published on 28 Jul 2010 | Took place at The Grace Hotel, Sydney, National

This event was designed for practitioners with a good understanding of the key principles of CGT. It provided an update on recent developments and old chestnuts. The program also took a practical look at maximising planning opportunities for your clients. With worked examples and case study presentations, this event was ideal for those looking to improve their working knowledge of contemporary CGT issues.

This roadshow was also run in Perth on the 19th July, in Adelaide on the 20th July, Melbourne on the 21st July, Launceston on the 23rd July and Brisbane on the 27th July.

Individual sessions

2010 CGT roadshow workbook

Author(s):  Brian J RICHARDS This paper covers:

  • CGT rollovers
  • extracting wealth out of SME's.
Materials from this session: