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2010 Trusts Roadshow

Published on 23 Sep 2010 | Took place at Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

This event was intended for practitioners who regularly advise clients who operate businesses or hold investments through trusts. The sessions were designed to complement a sound knowledge of the operation of trusts, particularly discretionary trusts, by taking attendees through a series of practical case studies on key issues.

This event:

  • heard the latest trusts news, case law rulings and ATO updates
  • learnt about current challenges for the modern discretionary trust
  • found out new strategies and opportunities
  • worked through case studies and practical examples

This event was also held in Brisbane on the 17th September, Perth on the 20th September, Adelaide on the 21st September and Melbourne on the 22nd September.

Individual sessions

2010 trusts roadshow workbook

Author(s):  Daniel SMEDLEY,  Ron JORGENSEN This paper covers:

  • challenges facing SME clients in administering discretionary trusts
  • the trust income, taxable income and distributable income debate
  • conduit theory of capital distributions
  • present entitlement
  • addendum - practice statement Law Administration PSLA 2009/7
  • trust losses
  • family trust elections
  • deductibility of interest incurred in acquiring an interest in a trust
  • CGT discount concessions
  • small business CGT concessions - underlying interests
  • practical trust management and structuring issues.
Materials from this session: