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2011 Financial Services Taxation Conference

Published on 10 Feb 2011 | Took place at Hyatt Regency, Coolum, National

Australia has reached a pivotal moment in the history of financial services in this region and its growth prospects reflect the growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the global political and economic landscape.

Australia is also coming to grips with the potential impacts of life under a minority government and continuing global regulatory change. With a number of major tax reform initiatives at play and promised, chief financial officers, directors and heads of tax need to stay on top of developments and engage in the process to influence policy outcomes and take advantage of the expected regional growth.

This event was designed to draw out some of the most important taxation issues that will be integral to “charting the future” in today’s financial services environment. Also discussed was the progress and next steps required to position Australia as a leading financial services centre in the region.

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Individual sessions

Asia-Pacific developments - Progress in making Australia a financial services centre

Author(s):  Geoff Weir

This paper covers:

  • developments in Asia
  • how is the Australian financial sector positioned to take advantage of these opportunities in the region?
  • recent Australian policy developments and prospects
  • the need for industry support and involvement.
Materials from this session:

Never ending tax reform and financial services

Author(s):  Richard J VANN

This paper covers:

  • the approach to tax reform
  • taxation of labour income: implications for saving rates and taxing investment income
  • superannuation, homes and saving
  • taxation of collective investment.
Materials from this session:

Domestic and outbound asset management

Author(s):  Ken Woo

This paper covers:

  • new managed investment trust regime - opportunities and traps
  • CGT and MIT status
  • foreign source income - anti-deferral rules.
Materials from this session:

Consolidation developments: The use of "tax cost setting amount" - The never-ending saga

Author(s):  Ken SPENCE,  Andrew DE WIJN

This paper covers:

  • rights to future income
  • “residual” application of the TCSA – Subsection 701-55(6)
  • The Board of Taxation review of consolidations.
Materials from this session:

OBU reform

Author(s):  Stephen SOUTHON

This paper covers:

  • "offshore banking" and OBUs
  • summary overview of the OBU regime
  • beyond Johnson - how can the tax concession be reformed to help Australia become an attractive regional financial centre?


Materials from this session:

OBU reform

Author(s):  William POTTS

This paper covers:

  • the OBU provisions
  • the policy purpose for a concessional tax rate for OBUs
  • OBU usage
  • the Johnson Report comments and recommendations on the OBU provisions.
Materials from this session:

Inbound asset management/Inbound private equity

Author(s):  Kar Mei Tang,  Brian Lane,  Ian SCOTT

This paper covers:

  • ATO determinations
  • who invests in private equity and why?
  • direction of Australian tax reforms impacting hedge fund and private equity
  • ATO compliance activity.
Materials from this session:

Uncertain tax positions

Author(s):  Paul McCartin

This presentation covers:

  • developments in financial reporting:
    • what are uncertain tax positions?
    • why the fuss?
    • US GAAP and investment funds example
    • IFRS similarities and differences
    • IAS 12 – Exposure draft ED 2009/2
  • taxation issues – Uncertain tax positions (UTPs):
    • how did we get here?
    • international developments
    • UTPs in the context of the new ATO approach to managing risk
    • status of the UTP pilot
    • issues for consideration.
Materials from this session:

Information sharing and cross border tax compliance

Author(s):  Jan Farrell

This paper covers:

  • information sharing & bank transparency
  • an Australian perspective - formal notices to supply information to the ATO
  • international cooperation efforts and exchange of information
  • international collaboration
  • approaches used in other countries
  • global forum on transparency and exchange of information
  • treaties - art or practice of treaty shopping.



Materials from this session:

Aspects of cross border tax information gathering and sharing

Author(s):  David LYNCH

This paper covers:

  • ATO's voluntary disclosure and bank transparency strategy
  • ATO's offshore bank account compliance activity - some lessons learnt from an industry perspective
  • from domestic compliance activity to international cooperation.
Materials from this session:

Recent tax developments and what they mean for property funds management

Author(s):  Joe GALEA

This paper covers:

  • amendments to the definition of MITs
  • capital treatment and MITs
  • the impact of the decision in Bamford
  • regime MIT.
Materials from this session:

Economic impact of tax

Author(s):  Jodie Patron

This presentation covers:

  • about KPMG Econtech
  • our work for the Henry Tax Review
  • costs associated with taxation
  • the impact of the current tax system on the economy
  • designing a new tax
  • implications of alternative tax designs.
Materials from this session:

TOFA - Where are we at?

Author(s):  Tony FROST,  Betsy Rumble

This paper covers:

  • the benefits of TOFA: Is it working?
  • a selection of current issues
  • necessary “refinements”: options and priorities.
Materials from this session:

The journey of Part IVA

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON

This paper covers:

  • the alternative postulate
  • a recent NZ structured finance case through the alternative postulate prism.
Materials from this session:

Transfer pricing post GFC

Author(s):  Liz TROMANS

This paper covers:

  • intercompany loans and guarantees
  • allocating profits and losses between a branch and its head office
  • business restructuring
  • the ATO's compliance activities.
Materials from this session:

Controlled foreign companies - A modern approach

Author(s):  Richard SHADDICK

This paper covers:

  • what has happened (so far) to the Board's recommendations?
  • the party trick: four birds and one stone
  • the main game: things you need to know.


Materials from this session: