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2011 Tasmanian State Convention

Published on 13 Oct 2011 | Took place at Country Club Tasmania, Launceston, TAS

This event featured some of the tax industry’s leading presenters. The following topics were covered:

  • an overview of the big GST issues affecting SMEs in 2011
  • Division 7A challenges and strategies in 2011
  • taxation and insolvency
  • corporate conundrums
  • corporate conundrums case study
  • demystifying the small business CGT concessions
  • personal effectiveness and time management
  • philanthropy - Establishing a charitable trust
  • making social media work for your business
  • trends in tax reform - What’s coming next
  • SMSFs: The preferred wealth creation vehicle?

Graeme Cooper's materials can be downloaded from the 26th National Convention presented on 2 March 2011.

Matthew Tripodi's materials can be download from the 44th South Australian Convention presented on 14 April 2011.

Materials from this event are currently being uploaded, once all materials are available this message will be removed.

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Individual sessions

An overview of big GST issues affecting SMEs in 2011

Author(s):  Bastian Gasser,  Richelle McCausland

This paper covers:

  • current ATO activity
  • GST law
  • GST cases
  • ATO publications.
Materials from this session:

Division 7A challenges and strategies in 2011

Author(s):  Greg NIELSEN

This paper covers:

  • Division 7A & use of company assets
  • the challenge of dealing with unpaid present entitlements through interposed trusts - Section 109 XI
  • the challdenge of dealing with post 16 December 2009 corporate UPEs.


Materials from this session:

Taxation and insolvency

Author(s):  Barry Hamilton

This paper covers:

  • obligations of external administrators
  • specific issues for drectors and their advisors
  • specific issues – Members voluntary liquidation.
Materials from this session:

Corporate conundrums

Author(s):  Amanda HOCKING

This paper covers:

  • why choose a company?
  • flexible company structuring
  • getting capital out of a company
  • compliance/planning.
Materials from this session:

Demystifying the small business CGT concessions

Author(s):  Robyn Jacobson

This paper covers:

  • recent developments
  • concept of 'affiliate'
  • concept of ‘connected with’
  • applying the aggregation rules to tests
  • 90% test for shares and interests
  • retirement exemption
  • small business roll-over.
Materials from this session: