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2011 Trust Distributions

Published on 09 May 2011 | Took place at InterContinental Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

The Assistant Treasurer has released extremely important Exposure Draft legislation on 13 April which will shape how tax practitioners advise their clients about trust distributions for the 2010/2011 income year.

These measures will seriously impact on family trusts and managed investments trust decision making in just over 2 months time. The new laws will allow flow through of franking credits and capital gains but in an unexpected fashion. At first the proposed methodology appears foreign to advisers used to the Division 6 approach but on a closer consideration Treasury may have it right.

Will they work in all instances to ensure that targeted beneficiaries benefit? Aspects of the draft legislation may require further thought. This is your opportunity to take part in the development of the law in real time.

This event explained the theory which supports the draft legislation and worked through practical problems which will face practitioners.

Individual sessions

2011 trust distributions

Author(s):  Ian SNOOK

This presentation covers:

  • developments over the last 14 months
  • broad framework of the streaming provisions
  • streaming capital gains
  • streaming franked distributions
  • new anti-avoidance rule
  • primary producer changes
  • what to do now.
Materials from this session: