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2013 Superannuation Roadshow

Published on 11 Apr 2013 | Took place at Rockford Adelaide, National

    This presentation was ideal for anyone looking for a practical update on the latest superannuation news and developments. It covered:
  • new super strategies for your clients
  • key principles and opportunities to consider
  • issues to be aware of.

Individual sessions

Managing superannuation - A practical overview

Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This paper specifically examined the latest superannuation news, legislation changes and ATO updates including:

  • Recent superannuation news, rulings and ATO updates:
    • cases regarding SMSFs
    • developments regarding implementation of Cooper reforms
    • ATO IDs and other ATO announcements.
  • TR 2011/D3 and the MYEFO announcement:
    • consideration for estate planning
    • areas of concern not outlined in the MYEFO announcement
    • interaction with other estate planning and superannuation strategies.
  • SMSFR 2012/1 – Borrowing ruling:
    • ATO view on replacement assets and single acquirable asset
    • consideration of repairs, maintenance and renovations
    • areas of concern and practical implications.
  • Contributions to superannuation:
    • recent contribution developments and cases
    • where are we with contribution reform?
    • common excess contribution scenarios to avoid.
  • Worked case studies:
    • common contribution issues
    • borrowing in superannuation
    • contributions strategies
    • payment of benefits on death post MYEFO announcement.
Materials from this session: