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2014 North Queensland Tax Seminar

Published on 10 Oct 2014 | Took place at Holiday Inn, Townsville, QLD

This event brought a selection of the best speakers and seminar sessions of the year to date as well as some new topics and perspectives that are hugely relevant to practising CTAs, accountants and lawyers dealing with private business owners. The event was a must for all tax professionals and those with an interest in staying up to date in tax.

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Individual sessions

Reinventing the ATO – Private groups and ATO’s positioning

Author(s):  Bruce COLLINS

This paper covers:

  • reinventing the ATO
  • key transformation initiatives in the context of private groups.
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT concessions - The technical & practical issues

Author(s):  Brian J RICHARDS

This paper covers:

  • taxpayer sells a CGT asset
  • taxpayer disposes of an interest in an entity
  • active asset test
  • small business participation percentage
  • application of the concessions - company taxpayer.
Materials from this session:

Can a SMSF carry on business operations and, if so, should it?

Author(s):  Carl Valentine

This paper covers:

  • regulatory statements
  • relevant legislation
  • relevant case law
  • practical considerations for business operations in a SMSF.
Materials from this session:

Payroll tax - The sleeping giant

Author(s):  Philip MAGOFFIN,  Scott Pease

This paper covers:

  • cause and effect of grouping
  • related bodies corporate
  • common control
  • common employees
  • exclusion from grouping – overview
  • criteria for exclusion – independence and absence of connection
  • factors for consideration
  • recent cases.
Materials from this session:

Corporate reconstructions - Incorporating your trust

Author(s):  David HALL,  Colin Ryan

This paper covers:

  • overview
  • planning
  • small business capital gains tax concessions
  • capital gains tax rollovers for incorporation.
Materials from this session:

Business succession planning - Tips tricks and traps

Author(s):  Ian Conrad

This paper covers:

  • what is business succession?
  • review of the business
  • preparing for a future trade sale – reviewing the business
  • co-owners and buy sell agreements
  • selling to employees or children
  • restructures and stamp duty.
Materials from this session:

Part IVA and private business advisers

Author(s):  John Ioannou

This paper covers:

  • context is key
  • client's and adviser's perspective
  • framework of Part IVA
  • the purpose.
Materials from this session: