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2014 Property Day

Published on 18 Sep 2014 | Took place at City West Receptions, WA, WA

With continuing interest in property in Australia, more and more clients are seeking advice on the key issues and problems in both investment and ‘improvement’ or development to maximise resale values.

This event looked at the tax issues faced by practitioners with clients in the property game including:

  • SMSFs and property
  • GST and property: Back to the future
  • CGT & income tax
  • transfer duty and property
  • current state of play in WA.

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Individual sessions

SMSFs & property

Author(s):  Con GOTSIS

This paper covers:

  • property basics
  • property transactions and structures
  • unrelated unit trusts
  • non geared related unit trusts
  • pre 99 geared unit trusts.
Materials from this session:

GST & property back to basics

Author(s):  Michelle TREMAIN

This presentation covers:

  • background
  • GST-free
  • input taxed
  • taxable
  • residential premises
  • current issues.
Materials from this session:

Income tax for property development

Author(s):  Tim Poli

This paper covers:

  • distinguishing capital v revenue
  • treating land as trading stock and CGT event K4
  • quirks of the CGT main residence exemption.
Materials from this session:

Property transactions in Western Australia

Author(s):  Alison WALLACE

This paper covers:

  • transfer duty
  • transfers of shares and units - Western Australian landholder duty
  • restructuring - companies and unit trusts
  • superannuation funds
  • recent cases.
Materials from this session:

Real estate market update 2014 - Review & outlook

Author(s):  Stewart Darby

This presentation covers:

  • market drivers & influcences:
    • economic & population outlook
    • consumer attitudes
  • state of play - what the latest data tells us:
    • leading commentary
    • Perth
    • regional WA
    • new residential sector
    • commercial & industrial sector
  • REIWA’S outlook for 2014-15.
Materials from this session: