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2014 Queensland Annual State Convention

Published on 11 Sep 2014 | Took place at InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, Gold Coast, QLD

The 2014 Convention once again showcased an impressive line-up of local and interstate speakers. The program was comprehensive, covering Div 7A, payroll tax, corporate reconstructions, small business CGT concessions, superannuation and dispute resolution, just to name a few. By popular demand this year’s program also included a speed update as well as a panel session addressing hot topics concerning trusts.

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Individual sessions

Division 7A – Putting your hands in the till without getting your fingers burnt

Author(s):  Chris Davis

This paper covers:

  • the current issues causing problems for practitioners
  • how are UPE issues being dealt with?
  • where is the Board of Taxation review heading?
  • ATO’s view regarding family law property settlements
  • other Division 7A issues currently being reviewed by the ATO
  • where to from here for valuable private companies?
Materials from this session:

Practice development in a changing environment

Author(s):  Alistair Marshall

This presentation covers:

  • some maths to start
  • questions from potential clients
  • client profiles and targets
  • client review meetings
  • strategic ventures
  • social media
  • marketing ladder system
  • engagement.
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT concessions – Getting it right

Author(s):  Paul BANISTER,  Maggie Millar

This paper covers:

  • is it small?
  • is it business?
  • has a CGT event occurred for the right asset?
  • what other conditions are there?
  • getting it right.
Materials from this session:

Payroll tax – The sleeping giant

Author(s):  Philip MAGOFFIN

This paper covers:

  • cause and effect of grouping
  • related bodies corporate
  • common control
  • exclusion from grouping – overview
  • criteria for exclusion – independence and absence of connection
  • common employees
  • recent cases.
Materials from this session:

Corporate reconstructions – A game of snakes and ladders

Author(s):  Troy MORGAN,  James PETTERSON

This paper covers:

  • summary table
  • CGT concessions
  • consolidation
  • stamp duty concessions.
Materials from this session:

GST and property – Avoiding the pitfalls

Author(s):  Sam MOHAMMAD,  Karl WOOD

This paper covers:

  • the dichotomy between commercial residential premises and residential premises
  • supplies of going concerns
  • application of the margin scheme
  • what to look out for when reviewing property contracts.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation – Keeping the lid on the lolly jar

Author(s):  Chris WYETH

This paper covers:

  • interpretation
  • contributions and funding superannuation
  • can I have my super?
  • estate planning.
Materials from this session:

Effectively managing tax disputes – Managing the outcome from the beginning

Author(s):  Sarah Blakelock

This paper covers:

  • how do I discharge the onus of proof? Its all about the facts
  • ATO’s risk differentiation framework
  • steps to take before a regulator comes knocking
  • voluntary disclosure.
Materials from this session:

The tax reform agenda

Author(s):  Robert JEREMENKO

This presentation covers:

  • policy priorities
  • ATO activity
  • new senate
  • promise of tax reform.
Materials from this session: