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4th Annual Property Day

Published on 18 Feb 2011 | Took place at Crowne Plaza Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Many of our clients have interests in real property, be it as passive investors or property developers. Given the importance that real property plays in creating wealth for our clients, the need to understand the relevant and constantly evolving taxation, structuring and funding issues is paramount.

This event covered key issues in relation to investment in real property and provided a comprehensive update in the following areas:

  • tax classification of real property
  • revenue vs capital
  • stamp duty and land tax
  • SMSFs – Borrowing
  • structuring
  • financing and syndication.

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Individual sessions

Property market review

Author(s):  Phil Harris

This presentation covers property market review.

Materials from this session:

Financing and syndication

Author(s):  Steven Simionato,  Alessio Roscio

This paper covers:

  • popularity of property syndicates
  • bank funding – What to expect
  • legal issues
  • income tax
  • syndication risks to investors
  • structuring and financing issues.


Materials from this session:

Effective property structuring

Author(s):  Tim Murton,  Mathew Ciccarello

This paper covers:

  • suitable structures for property development and investment
  • property development vs property investment - Income or capital?
  • structuring for syndication.
Materials from this session:

SMSFs - Borrowing

Author(s):  Daniel JENKINSON

This paper covers:

  • single acquirable asset
  • holding trust
  • transitional arrangements.
Materials from this session:

Stamp duty & land tax

Author(s):  Tom Pledge,  Tom Walrut

This paper covers:

  • stamp duty
  • conveyance of land
  • life interests
  • land rich entity provisions.
Materials from this session:

Revenue v capital? That is the question

Author(s):  Simon HOW

This paper covers:

  • history of revenue v capital in property
  • planning for the development to manage revenue and capital positions
  • interaction with trading stock provisions and issues of timing
  • interaction with CGT main residence exemption.
Materials from this session:

Tax classification of property

Author(s):  Lisa SMITH

This paper covers:

  • GST and property – background
  • residential premises – or not?
  • the margin scheme - is it always desirable?
Materials from this session: