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5th Annual Property Day

Published on 03 Feb 2012 | Took place at Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide , SA

The Tax Institute's Annual Property Day is well known as the key tax educational event for practitioners working with the property industry. This event covered the following topics:

  • SMSF borrowing
  • stamp duty
  • the impact of GST on property
  • land valuations
  • case study - The individual investor
  • case study - The small property developer, opportunities abound
  • residential real estate.

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Individual sessions

SMSF borrowing

Author(s):  Matthew TRIPODI

This paper covers:

  • single acquirable asset
  • maintain/repair v improve
  • improvements resulting in different asset
  • potential structuring solution.
Materials from this session:

The impact of GST on property

Author(s):  Matthew NICHOLLS

This paper covers:

  • the administration of GST on property
  • recent changes
  • mistakes and misconceptions.
Materials from this session:

Sale of property assets- Achieving a completely legal CGT wipe-out

Author(s):  Michael BUTLER

This paper covers:

  • do you qualify for Division 152 reliefs?
  • are you an SBE?
  • what is your aggregated turnover?
  • who is your affiliate?
  • who is connected with you?
  • when do you satisfy the *maximum net asset value test?
  • conducting businesses through company & trust chains
  • what is a CGT concession stakeholder?
  • what is your small business participation percentage?
  • what is an active asset?
  • not an active asset if used for rental
  • for how long must you own an active asset?
  • selling assets down the corporate/trust chain.
Materials from this session:

Land valuation

Author(s):  Michael CHURCHILL

This paper covers:

  • observations from Spencer’s case .
  • what is a share price?
  • methodology hierarchy
  • intangible assets
  • shares - What is being purchased?
Materials from this session:

The small property developer - Opportunities abound

Author(s):  Richard Bowden

This presentation covers a case study on the small property developer - Opportunities abound.

Materials from this session:

2012 Adelaide property market

Author(s):  Oren Klemich

This presentation covers:

  • SA property market - Key facts
  • segment breakdowns
  • days on market
  • stock on market
  • finance data
  • rental market.
Materials from this session:

Stamp duty

Author(s):  Marc ROMALDI,  Lucy SIMEONI

This paper covers:

  • phasing out of relevant duties in SA and impact on property
  • planning around South Australian landholder provisions
  • a comparison of the two models
  • interaction of goods and land.
Materials from this session:

Case study: The individual investor

Author(s):  Dom Cosentino

This presentation covers:

  • proposed purchase
  • details of purchase
  • setting up issues
  • ownership issues
  • sole trader
  • partnerships
  • discretionary trusts
  • trusts
  • companies.
Materials from this session: