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8th Annual Property Intensive

Published on 20 Oct 2010 | Took place at Hilton, Sydney, NSW

This 8th Annual Property Intensive brought together leading tax experts to review the most recent reforms and developments. They provided practical insights and examined how the changes will impact you.

Topics included:

  • the impact of recent and proposed changes to structuring inbound investment in Australian property
  • what will CFC reform mean for the property industry?
  • how will recent GST developments impact upon you?
  • practical application of Division 250 - What is still causing problems?
  • implications of the consolidation regime changes
  • landholder duties
  • tax issues for trusts - How are they impacting on property trusts?

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Individual sessions

Division 250 - Practical property issues

Author(s):  Steve FORD This presentation covers:

  • history/overview
  • Division 250 outline
    • capture
    • exclusions
    • PEI testing
    • apportionment
    • calculation
  • CFC context.
Materials from this session:

Consolidation changes - What do they mean for the property industry?

Author(s):  Joe GALEA,  Max PERSSON This paper covers consolidation changes including:

  • practical examples
  • significant amendments
  • practical considerations.
Materials from this session:

GST update

Author(s):  Matthew CRIDLAND This paper covers:

  • GST developments
  • South Steyne
  • Sunchen
  • Gloxia.
Materials from this session:

Landholder duties

Author(s):  Andrew Rider This paper covers:

  • threshold value
  • acquisitions made by trustees
  • agreements for sale or issue of shares and units
  • interests in land
  • debt/equity issues.
Materials from this session:

Creating the right structure for JVs with offshore parties

Author(s):  Joshua CARDWELL This paper covers:

  • direct holding
  • debt based structures
  • non-MIT unit based investments
  • MIT based investments.
Materials from this session:

International tax developments and implications for the property industry

Author(s):  David WATKINS,  Angela Cheung This paper covers:

  • anti-deferral reforms
  • implications of the CFC reforms for the property industry
  • MIT regime
  • treaty issues involving a CIV.
Materials from this session:

Emerging trust issues for the property industry

Author(s):  Craig CLUCAS This paper covers:

  • an emerging tax issue for stapled groups
  • tax issues for stapled groups contemplating a top-hat structure
  • ongoing tax issues associated with the interpretation of Division 6
  • other proposed reforms to the taxation of trusts.
Materials from this session: