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Annual Trusts Intensive

Published on 21 May 2014 | Took place at Tattersall's Club, Brisbane, QLD

This full-day event was aimed at advisors to trust-structures and how to assist clients experiencing challenging times.

There continues to be changes to the world of trusts and indeed, to your clients’ circumstances that may affect their structure, if within a trust. Be aware of what’s on the ATO trust-hot list and Queensland’s unique application of stamp duty to trusts, compared to other jurisdictions.

This event also covered how businesses in distress operating from a trust can be managed, perhaps even emerging from official management. Of course, every advisor needs to remain informed of the practical application of divorce; testamentary trusts and the management of the tax affairs surrounding deceased estates.

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Individual sessions

Testamentary trusts & deceased estates

Author(s):  Martin van der Walt

This paper covers:

  • what is the effect of you dying?
  • what is a testamentary trust?
  • why use a testamentary trust?
  • assets of the estate vs property held as joint tenants
  • what if the testator has a very small estate?
  • superannuation
  • CGT position.
Materials from this session:

Current ATO issues with trusts

Author(s):  David HUGHES

This presentation covers:

  • ATO v discretionary trusts
  • trust taskforce: tough talk
  • trust taskforce: targets
  • taxpayer alert TA 2013/3.
Materials from this session:

Queensland duty on trust dealings

Author(s):  Duncan Bedford,  Jessica Laird

This paper covers:

  • dutiable transactions relating to trusts
  • trust dealings
  • landholder duty and trust interests
  • corporate trustee duty
  • duty relating to public unit trusts.
Materials from this session:

Trusts in financial distress

Author(s):  John Whittle

This paper covers:

  • obligations and liabilities of directors of trustee companies
  • what are the main problems caused by insolvency on trust structures
  • insolvency of trustee and tax losses.
Materials from this session:

Trust stripping provisions

Author(s):  Dung Lam,  Mark WEST

This paper covers:

  • what section 100A targets
  • key elements of section 100A
  • other tax provisions besides section 100A that can apply to trust stripping arrangements
  • current practical situations where section 100A could apply.
Materials from this session:

Year end issues for discretionary trusts

Author(s):  Brian J RICHARDS

This paper covers:

  • what are the year end issues?
  • accounting issues.
Materials from this session:

Asset protection & family law

Author(s):  Clinton Jackson,  Justine WOODS

This paper covers:

  • trusts and asset protection generally
  • what are the powers of the Family Court in relation to trusts?
  • is there a way to structure for family law disputes?
  • duty and tax considerations.
Materials from this session: