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Asset Protection in the 21st Century - Still Possible?

Published on 29 Mar 2012 | Took place at Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

This event covered the three most powerful legal tools that protect personal wealth from divorce, bankruptcy and death - binding financial agreements, SMSF’s and testamentary trusts. By understanding the framework of these legal tools, a comprehensive, robust wealth protection plan can be implemented.

This event brought together HHG’s taxation, superannuation, family law and estate planning specialists, with the opportunity for workshop discussion, information sharing and a Q&A.

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Individual sessions

Binding financial agreements

Author(s):  Chantelle McGarvie

This paper covers:

  • what is a BFA?
  • what happens if you don’t have a BFA?
  • advantages & disadvantages of binding financial agreements
  • requirements of a binding financial agreement
  • terms of a BFA.
Materials from this session:

Testamentary trusts

Author(s):  Wolff Greg

This paper covers:

  • inheritances at risk
  • types of testamentary trusts
  • quantum of asset pool is important consideration
  • assessing when different types of trusts are appropriate and the spendthrift or drug dependant beneficiary in particular.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation as an asset protection vehicle

Author(s):  Thomas HENN

This paper covers:

  • superannuation and relationship breakdowns
  • superannuation and bankruptcy
  • superannuation and death.
Materials from this session: