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ATO Compliance - What you need to know!

Published on 08 Apr 2010 | Took place at The Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

This event provided practitioners with an ATO perspective on key small business compliance issues. In addition it provided an overview of the current ATO Compliance Program 2009/10 activities and outlined some of the ways the ATO provides assistance to businesses.

Individual sessions

ATO compliance - What you need to know

Author(s):  Brian FITZGERALD,  T CLEARY,  Justin MICALE,  A JONES The following is four separate papers combined into once document covering ATO compliance including:

  • ATO compliance - What you need to know by Brian Fitzgerald
  • Superannuation compliance by Tony Cleary
  • Our approach to the cash economy by Justin Micale
  • Micro business compliance and ATO support by Alan Jones.
Materials from this session: