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Contractors v Employees Under the ATO Spotlight

Published on 06 Mar 2012 | Took place at Radisson Blu Plaza, Sydney , NSW

In the quest for flexibility, contractors have become a significant and growing part of the business environment. Suggested law changes to make directors personally liable for unpaid super are just the most recent twist – but one which would make the risk involved in getting contractor arrangements wrong very ‘personal’.

This event focused on the income tax and super and the way they affect contractors and the businesses they supply to.

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Individual sessions

March tax update

Author(s):  Zubair BANGASH

This presentation covers:

  • Division 7A :“Present legal obligation”
  • share buy back & unfranked dividends
  • Corporations Act & dividends
  • “blackhole” expenses.
Materials from this session:

Contractors vs employees: Under the ATO spotlight

Author(s):  Jol DARE

This paper covers:

  • why consider the contractor issue now?
  • defining what’s at stake
  • employee and employer: A chicken labelled a turkey is still a chicken
  • the new reporting regime: Back to the future.
Materials from this session: