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Corporate Tax Masterclass

Published on 11 Sep 2014 | Took place at Swissotel, Sydney, NSW

This event was designed for tax professionals working in a corporate environment and their advisors. This event heard from leading corporate tax experts on the common focus areas for companies, how they are dealing with the main tax changes in recent times and what can be done now in respect of future directions.

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Individual sessions

Dealing with your financial reporting obligations and tax effect accounting principles

Author(s):  Patrice Farmer,  Jody Hutchinson

This paper covers:

  • proposed corporate tax rate reduction and introduction of the paid parental leave levy
  • research & development tax incentive
  • tax transparency
  • uncertain tax positions.
Materials from this session:

Valuation principles: Where do taxpayers stand?

Author(s):  Sean Collins,  Catherine Dean,  Sarah DUNN

This paper covers:

  • valuations and tax law
  • overview of ATO guidelines
  • issues which commonly fall into dispute relating to valuations
  • avoiding or resolving valuation disputes
  • future trends.
Materials from this session:

Experiences in dealing with the re-write of the transfer pricing provisions

Author(s):  Aparna Rao,  Graeme Smith

This paper covers:

  • BEPS: A Global phenomenon: what is the ATO’s response?
  • subdivision 815-B to D: what does it mean for taxpayers?
Materials from this session:

Practical application of the new Part IVA

Author(s):  Tim KYLE

This paper covers:

  • Part IVA overview
  • tax benefit
  • purpose.
Materials from this session:

Directors and the new Commissioner

Author(s):  Craig JACKSON,  Emily MARSDEN

This paper covers:

  • tax risks that impact company directors
  • company director duties and responsibilities
  • ATO Commissioner Jordan’s expectations of company directors
  • what else is on the minds of company directors?
Materials from this session: