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Death and Taxes - Super and Estate Planning

Published on 31 Oct 2011 | Took place at City West Receptions , WA

This event covered:

  • draft ruling 2011/D3, which in its current form, taxes beneficiaries on the death of a parent or partner
  • the adviser's role in the estate planning process.

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Individual sessions

Death and taxes: If you will

Author(s):  Modiesha MEEGAHAGE

This paper covers:

  • advisor’s role
  • making a valid will
  • claims against the estate: intestacy
  • claims against the estate: Inheritance Act
  • tax considerations
  • executor and trustee selection.
Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This paper covers:

  • pensions on death
  • capital gains tax
  • taxation components
  • superannuation death benefit strategies
  • death benefit deductions within superannuation.
Materials from this session: