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Difficult Practical Property Tax Issues or 25 Things I Hate About Property Tax – Part 2

Published on 28 Mar 2014 | Took place at Online, SA

This session examined difficult issues that regularly arise in practice.It also considered whether you can legitimately reduce exposure to:

  • GST by regulating, using the margin scheme and/or relying on the going concern treatment?
  • land tax by using trusts?
  • stamp duty by using 'equity bonds' or 'cloning', or partitioning and sub-dividing?
  • CGT by using the Division 152 concessions with commercial rental properties?
  • Division 7A by licensing or incorporating?
  • family Disputes by using discretionary trusts, loans and mortgages?

Individual sessions

Difficult practical property tax issues or 25 things I hate about property tax!

Author(s):  Michael BUTLER,  Grantley STEVENS

This presentation covers:

  • can you reduce GST by not registering?
  • can you reduce GST by deregistering?
  • can you reduce GST using margin scheme?
  • can you reduce GST using going concern?
  • negative gearing with property investments
  • loans to children secured by mortgage.
Materials from this session: