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Does Your Trust Have A Future?

Published on 09 Oct 2012 | Took place at Grant Thornton, Brisbane, QLD

    This seminar looked at current and future issues for trusts - including the all too common threat of tax objections, appeals and litigation involving trusts. There was also a focus on the role of superannuation and estates, and how these trusts and trust-like structures fit into an integrated investment and financial plan for clients.
    Topics covered included:
  • lessons learnt from 30 June
  • where are we now?
  • issues in tax and trust litigation
  • practical trust management
  • role of superannuation in estate planning
  • is your trust fixed – and why it matters?

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Individual sessions

Lessons learnt form 30 June

Author(s):  Paul BANISTER

This paper covers:

  • read the trust deed
  • trust variations
  • should you repeal and replace?
  • are trusts still a valid structuring choice?
Materials from this session:

Trust taxation reform: Where are we at?

Author(s):  Damian O'CONNOR

This paper covers:

  • trust distributions in 2012
  • what is net income?
  • trust streaming
  • resettlements.
Materials from this session:

Issues in tax and trust litigation

Author(s):  Peter BICKFORD

This paper covers:

  • the value of a timely disclaimer
  • what you should ask about when the trustee’s meeting was held
  • differences between classes of beneficiaries
  • what happens if there was no timely resolution to distribute?
Materials from this session:

Role of superannuation in estate planning

Author(s):  Neal DALLAS

This paper covers:

  • tax on superannuation death benefits
  • strategies to reduce tax paid by non-dependants
  • the impact of TR 2011/D3
  • binding Death Benefit Nominations and reversionary pensions
  • the impact of death on trusteeship of an SMSF.
Materials from this session:

Is your trust fixed - and why it matters

Author(s):  Brian J RICHARDS

This paper covers:

  • how and where does the "fixed trust" concept apply to taxpayers
  • what are the recent changes and how have they affected the previous application of the law
  • what is the Government doing to overcome the present uncertainty
  • what actions need to be attended to deal with the present uncertainty.
Materials from this session: